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Trixie Beever

Original Covers flyer

Original Covers

Original Covers new works by Beever Eleven 11 Irwin Ave, Toronto, ON M4Y 1L1   map opening reception June 6, 7-10pm facebook event …

Hairstyles of the Rich & Famous - FEMME invite

Hairstyles of the Rich & Famous FEMME

We continue to explore our fascination with pop-culture identification in this new series of mirrored art pieces featuring captivating women. Mixed-media compositions …

#GlitterCode t-shirt


#GlitterCode t-shirt Trixie & Beever, 2014 A project possibility was brought to us: something for WorldPride, maybe about the Hanky Code.  (It …

Trixie & Beever, 2014

mirror, glitter, film, resin, wood
12X12" (each)
edition of 3

Hairstyles of the Rich & Famous

This series proposes to viewers an opportunity to see themselves reflected with the glamourous hair, jewellery and clothing of specific personalities and …

Critter Last Supper by Trixie & Beever, 2003
wood, cellulose decals, resin

Critter Last Supper

Like the Dadists, we love finding objects and making something different with them. One of our favourite Dada pieces is Marcel Duchamp’s L.H.O.O.Q., …

window to Queen St W


#Chromatherapy, a Site- and Social-Specific Performance by Rea McNamara and Danielle Meder took place as part of Nuit Blanche 2013.  Location: Proper Reserve, 498 …