Tricks ‘N Beavers Lounge

June 2005

Buddies In Bad Time Theatre

Our first room installation was created as a companion to The Scandelles‘ first production of Les Demimondes, a cabaret theatre show about the intersection of sex work and creative culture.  Conceived of as the lounge area of a fictional brothel, the space was a reflection of our pop-culture-fed ideas of what this particular type of sexy social space might be like.

Rather ambitious for our first big installation, we made furniture, large glitter portraits of some famous “movie whores”, a backlit “room menu” of fantasy suites, etched-mirror tables and a sign,  and decorated it all with an eye to a swinging 70’s vibe.  We also created a special BBJ line of fashion accessories and decor items available for purchase.

It was intended as a social place where theatre-goers could gather and chat before and after the show.  We considered it a huge success that the room was partied in (hard!) , and recreated for another run of Les Demimondes the following November.


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